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Premium PIE Cherry & Blueberry Delta-8 THC Cart Bundle

Premium Delta-8 THC cart wholesale deal available now for PIE CHERRY & BLUEBERRY.

Each cart is priced at $5.95, with a minimum order quantity of 36 pieces (12 pieces per display).

Our PIE brand is a custom handcrafted high quality Delta-8 THC formula made and lab-tested in the heart of Southern California.

This product reaches the highest of quality standards due to our advanced extraction processes of the purest of full spectrum ingredients.

Our PIE brand is specifically design to bring a calming blissful high and a relaxed state of mind. Let the anxiety go away and experience a flow of creativity and mood improvement.

Let it inspire you to create new things, laugh at everything, experience new adventures, eat like you have never eaten before, and enjoy the small things in life.

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